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The Philippine National Basketball Team Website

The Philippine Basketball Team Website spearheaded the campaign to urge FIBA to reinstate the Philippines back to international basketball competitions in 2005. Credits to Errektus for conceptualizing the Signature Campaign in 2005. The Signature Campaign was a call to inform FIBA to lift the suspension of the Philippine Basketball Team and inform the Filipino fans about the dilemna Philippine Basketball faced. It was also launched to serve as inspiration to the National Team players as a whole. With this concept THE11thROCK was able to launch an old philippinenationalbasketballteam website from an online forum in PROJECTALPHA to support this campaign.

Big thanks also to the good people from MYPBA.COM (many of them supported this project) and the Interbasket.com. Special thanks to the PBA.PH – the once Official Website of the PBA, for authentic jersey graphics, warmer and some photos. Appreciation to J-Diddy (Jfox) for the ‘Go Philippines’ sig. Thanks also to the NGETS studio, ONG’s Site, the Tigas-Langaw IR Site and Asia Basket.Com for some online data. This Website is dedicated to the millions of Filipino fans around the world who support the RP National Team tirelessly.

To the Almighty be the glory.

Website launched 12th of August 2005

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THE11thROCK was formerly active in many sports and basketball forums worldwide. He handled various online forum administration and moderation jobs in different websites in the internet. THE11thROCK was one of the first and former contributors for the online information of Philippine national basketball team index in Wikipedia.

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