FIBA Asia 2015: Gilas Pilipinas Basketball ensures Silver, trounces Japan 81-70

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2 OCT 2015

Changsha China

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FIBA Asia 2015 News: Gilas Pilipinas Basketball ensured Silver by trouncing Japan NT, 81-70, this Friday in the FIBA Asia 2015 Semifinals in Changsha China. Naturalized player Andray Blatche powered Pilipinas with his double-double 22 points and 13 rebounds, while Jayson “The Blur” Castro dropped 20 timely markers to steer Gilas 3.0 to the Gold medal match against China tomorrow at 8:30PM.

Filipino: FIBA Asia 2015 Balita: Tinuhog ng Gilas Pilipinas Basketball ang siguradong Pilak sa pagpapatumba sa koponang Hapon, 81-70, ngayong Biyernes sa FIBA Asia 2015 Semifinals sa Changsha Tsina. Si Andray Blatche ay binuhat ang Pilipinas sa kanyang 22 puntos at 13 rebounds, at maging si Jayson “The Blur” Castro ay nagtala ng 20 buslo upang iumang ang Gilas 3.0 patungo sa giyera para sa Gold laban sa Tsina bukas ng 8:30PM.

Blatche shot 42.9% from field with 9 of 21 shots made, and conserved his fouls all game long as he ended with just one. Castro paced the Filipinos with 7 assists and was stellar from beyond the arc with 4 of 9 three point bombs made.

Dondon Cebuano Hotshot Hontiveros finally burned the hoops for Gilas as he dropped 18 points in 6 of 9 trey shooting. Ranidel “RDO” De Ocampo also helped RP Five big with his 7 caroms and 2 vital block shots. Marc “Pinoy Sakuragi” Pingris was instrumental in defending against the monstrous Takeuchi.

Pilipinas shot 100% from the freethrow line and 49% from the trey territory, while Japan shot 83% from the charity but a dismal 0% from the threepoint area. Japan outrebounded Philippines 41 to 37, but Gilas made-up with 13 assists to 7.

Makoto Hiejima led Japan with a whopping 28 markers but failed to give Nippon the victory. Joji Takeuchi also contributed 18 points for Team Habayusa.

Philippines raced to a bigger margin in the third but succumbed to early penalty and probable referree home cooking that gave several free charities to Japan in the third.

Castro made two treys in the 2nd quarter to bring Pilipinas ahead 24-23 at the break. Japan stole the lead but RP managed to tie the game at 37-all with 1:09 remaining. Japan is showing their mastery of mismatches as Hiejima kept on running rounds over several Gilas defenders.

The Filipinos kept shooting blanks and were sluggish in the first canto. Only Blatch was the lone bright spot for RP Five as he ended the quarter with 9 markers.

Philippines will play China for FIBA Asia 2015 Gold tomorrow at 8:30PM. The odds are against Pilipinas as China not only formed a formidabble squad but also holds the advantage as hosts of the tourney.

  • GILAS PILIPINAS 81: Blatche 22, Castro 20, Hontiveros 18, De Ocampo 8, Abueva 6, Romeo 3, Norwood 2, Pingris 2, Ganuelas 0, Thoss 0, Taulava DNP.
  • JAPAN NT 70: Heijima 28, Takeuchi 18, Tabuse 9, Ota 5, Furukawa 4, Arao 3, Tanaka 2, Hirose 1, Hashimoto 0, Matsui 0, Ono 0.
  • Quarters: 1QTR: 16-17 JPN 2QTR: 39-39 TIED 3QTR: 54-54 TIED 4QTR: 81-70 PHI Wins
      1st QTR Starts
      TIP-OFF to PHI
      Castro misses trey
      Blatche rebound
      Blatche turnover
      De Ocampo rebound
      8:43 Blatche stepback midrange 2-0 PHI leads
      Castro rebound
      Hontiveros misses trey
      7:57 Takeuchi drive 2-2 TIED
      7:35 Blatche trey off Castro feed 5-2 PHI leads
      Blatche rebound
      Blatche misses
      6:54 Hontiveros foul
      6:54 Hirose 1FT 5-3 PHI leads
      De Ocampo turnover
      Castro forces Tabuse to turnover
      Norwood misses trey
      5:42 Takeuchi midrange 5-5 TIED
      De Ocampo misses trey
      5:13 De Ocampo foul
      5:00 Arao stab 5-7 JPN leads
      Blatche misses fadeaway
      Blatche misses trey
      De Ocampo misses
      Blatche rebounds
      3:55 Blatche tip-in 7-7 TIED
      3:42 Castro fouled by Hirose
      3:34 Abueva undergoal off Castro feed 9-7 PHI leads
      3:15 Hiejima midrange 9-9 TIED
      2:55 Blatche fadeaway 11-9 PHI leads
      Norwood foul
      Blatche rebound
      Blatche 6th reboud
      2:13 Abueva drive 13-9 PHI leads
      1:55 Tabuese drive 13-11 PHI leads
      1:42 Romeo trey 16-11 PHI leads
      Romeo foul
      1:25 Pingris fouls Hiejima
      1:25 Hiejima 2FTs 16-13 PHI leads
      1:14 Romeo fouled by Hashimoto
      1:04 Abueva misses
      50secs Furukawa midrange 16-15 PHI leads
      Blatche misses trey
      7secs Hiejima midrange 16-17 JPN leads
      Blatche misses bailout shot
      Blatche with 9 points
      1QTR ENDS 16-17 JPN leads
      2nd QTR Starts
      9:40 Hiejima midrange 16-19 JPN leads
      Abueva turnover
      9:10 Takeuchi powemove 16-21 JPN leads
      Abueva fouled by Furukawa
      Thoss illegal pick
      Thoss misses
      8:08 Hiejima drive 16-23 JPN leads
      7:54 Castro trey 19-23 JPN leads
      Abueva rebound
      Hiejima fouls Abueva
      7:12 Castro spinmove 21-23 JPN
      Romeo blocks Tabuse
      Abueva rebound
      Abueva fastbreak fouled by Tanaka
      6:32 Castro trey off Romeo feed 24-23 PHI leads
      Abueva rebound
      De Ocampo misses midrange
      5:33 Hiejima midrange 24-25 JPN leads
      Castro misses trey
      De Ocampo fouls Takeuchi
      Castro fouls Hirose
      4:46 Takeuchi midrange 24-27 JPN leads
      Romeo misses trey
      De Ocampo blocks Takeuchi
      3:55 Romeo fouls Hiejima
      3:55 Hiejima powermove plus 1FT 24-30 JPN leads
      Castro misses trey
      3:27 Blatche powermove plus 1FT 27-30 JPN leads
      De Ocampo steal
      3:01 Blatche slam off De Ocampo feed 29-30 JPN leads
      2:40 Norwood fouls Hirose
      2:40 Hirose 2FTs 29-32 JPN leads
      Castro blocked by Takeuchi
      Hontiveros nice block
      2:00 Hiejima powermove plus 1FT 29-35 JPN leads
      1:50 Hontiveros trey 32-25 JPN leads
      1:50 Abueva pushing foul
      1:50 Tabuse 2FTs 32-37 JPN leads
      1:33 Abueva powermove 34-37 JPN
      Blatche rebound
      1:09 Hontiveros trey 37-37 TIED
      Hiejima midrange 37-39 JPN leads
      Blatche powermove 39-39 TIED
      De Ocampo good clutch block on Ota
      2QTR ENDS 39-39 TIED
      3rd QTR Starts
      Norwood misses trey
      De Ocampo rebound
      Blatche misses
      9:04 Tabuse drive 1FT 39-42, Castro foul JPN leads
      8:52 Hontiveros trey 42-TIED
      De Ocampo rebound
      8:08 Castro fastbreak 44-42 PHI leads
      Norowod rebound
      Hontiveros misses trey
      7:33 Tabuse fastbreak 44-TIED
      7:16 Castro trey 47-44 PHI leads
      6:32 Castro trey 50-44 PHI leads
      De Ocampo rebound
      6:07 Castro fouled by Tabuse
      5:55 Ota fouls Blatche
      Castro turnover
      5:33 Takeuchi midrange 50-46 PHI
      De Ocampo turnover
      De Ocampo 3rd foul
      Blatche rebound
      4:41 Norwood fastbreak 52-46 PHI leads
      Hontiveros foul
      4:22 Arao misses FTs
      Norwood misses trey
      Abueva rebound
      Abueva turnover
      Norwood tap
      Hiejima fouls Blatche
      Romeo missesw trey
      3:08 Castro steal fastbreak 54-46 PHI leads
      Ref bad call on possession
      2:37 Romeo foul
      2:28 Hiejima 2FTs, Ganuelas foul 54-48 PHI leads
      2:23 Hirose fouls Romeo
      Blatche turnover
      2:05 Hiejima jumper 54-50
      Abueva turnover
      1:36 Takeuchi 2FTs, Pingris foul 54-52 PHI leads
      Blatche misses trey
      BGlatche rebound
      Romeo misses
      Romeo rebound
      Abueva misses
      Paid Refs not calling fouls against JPN
      Abueva 3rd foul
      6.8secs Hiejima 2FTs 54 TIED
      Norwood misses trey
      Castro 18 points Blatche 16 points
      3QTR ENDS 54-54 TIED
      4th QTR Starts
      Hontiveros rebound
      9:21 Hontiveros trey 57-54 PHI leads
      Norwood block
      8:49 Castro board shot 59-54 PHI leads
      8:37 Furukawa layup 59-56 PHI
      Castro turnover
      11 PHI turnovers now
      De OCampo blocks Hiejima
      7:40 Arao fouls Castro
      7:29 De Ocampo trey 62-56 PHI leads
      7:02 Arao 1FT, Pingris foul 62-57 PHI leads
      Castro misses trey
      Pingris rebound
      6:43 De Ocampo 3FT, Arao foul 65-57 PHI leads
      6:23 De Ocampo 4th foul
      6:23 Takeuchi 2FTs 65 59 PHI
      Romeo misses trey
      5:50 Blatche midrange 67-59 PHI leads
      5:39 Tanaka scores 67-61 PHI
      Blatche misses
      Ganuelas foul
      5:07 Ota 2FTs 67-63 PHI leads
      4:55 Pingris one hander 69-63 PHI leads
      4:29 Takeuchi 2FTs 69-65 PHI leads
      4:11 Takeuchi foul
      4:06 Takeuchi foul
      Blatche misses
      3:34 Hontiveros trey 72-65 PHI leads
      3:09 Ota powermove 72-67
      Blatche misses
      Pingris foul
      PHI penalty
      2:46 Ota 1FT 72-68 PHI leads
      De Ocampo rebound
      2:29 De Ocampo tip-in 74-68 PHI leads
      Blatche rebound
      Norwood misses
      Norwood steal
      1:23 Hontiveros trey off Castro feed 77-68 PHI leads
      Norwood steal
      51.6secs Blatche 2FTs, Takeuchi foul 79-68 PHI leads
      41secs Takeuchi tip-in 79-70 PHI leads
      22secs Blatche powermove 81-70 PHI leads
      4QTR ENDS 81-70 PHI Wins
    written by Rock Punzalan
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    FIBA Asia 2015: Gilas Pilipinas Basketball ensures Silver, trounces Japan 81-70