FIBA Asia 2015: Semis bound Gilas Pilipinas bumps Lebanon, 82-70

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1 OCT 2015

Changsha China

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FIBA Asia 2015 News: Gilas Pilipinas Basketball stomped Lebanon NT, 82-70, to barge into the semifinals this Thursday in Changsha, China FIBA Asia 2015. Jayson “The Blur” Castro exploded for 25 big points, while Andray Blatche hauled 24 markers and 17 top rebounds. Terrence Romeo also chipped-in 10 markers for RP Five.

Filipino: FIBA Asia 2015 Balita: Binugbog ng Gilas Pilipinas Basketball ang palaban na Lebanon NT, 82-70, upang umungos sa Semis ngayong Huwebes sa Changsha, Tsina FIBA Asia 2015. Si Jayson “The Blur” Castro ay nagpasabog ng kanyang 25 puntos, at maging si Andray Blatche ay bumomba ng 24 buslo at 17 rebounds. Pati na rin si Terrence Romeo ay nagtala ng 10 puntos para sa koponan pambansa ng Pilipinas.

Philippine Basketball Team stood their ground to hold the fort in the clutch time to lead past a game Lebanon with a hard-earned 12 point victory. Philippines will now battle Japan NT at 9:30PM tomorrow for a guaranteed Silver and an entry to the deadly finals match.

Blatche fought through a possible shoulder injury as he shot 8 of 14 from the field and stamped his class in the paint with 2 important blocks. He silenced the Chinese crowd, obviously rooting for Lebanon to win, with his clutch freethrow conversions.

Castro again saved Gilas multiple times in the game as he kept shooting timely threepoint shots and was relentless in attacking the basket all game long. Castro made 5 of 8 threepoint bombs was 58.8% from the field with 10 of 17 clip.

RP Five converted 75% freethrow shots as Lebanon bled in the charity lane with 56% conversion. Gilas also shot better 30% in trey territory and 51% in fieldgoals, while the Cedars managed 25% in the arc and 49% in the field.

Battle of nerves began in the first quarter as Philippines led early but Lebanon kept the game close with a four-point deficit, 20-16. Castro made 12 points in the first to lift Pilipinas ahead in the first.

Philippines unable to make a big run at the half despite leading all quarter. RP Five missed a lot of open shots that could have inspired a breakaway as Lebanon slowly inched to the Filipino lead with Bawji and Haidar spearheading their scrappy offense.

Castro, with 22 points total in the third, led the Filipino charge as Lebanon kept on fighting. A horrible collision almost ended in an injury to Blatche but he fortunately got-up as RP led, 57-49. Also, Youngblood was limited to only six points in the first three quarters and shot a dismal 1 of 6 threepoints.

  • GILAS PILIPINAS 82: Castro 25, Blatche 24, Romeo 10, Pingris 8, Abueva 7, Norwood 5, Ganuelas 0, Thoss 0, Hontiveros 0, Taulava DNP.
  • LEBANON NT 70: Haidar 18, Bawji 17, Youngblood 12, Del Nour 8, Arakji 8, Akl 0.
  • Quarters: 1QTR: 20-16 PHI 2QTR: 37-32 PHI 3QTR: 57-49 PHI 4QTR: 82-70 PHI Wins
      1st QTR Starts
      TIP-OFF to LEB
      Hontiveros foul in 7 secs
      Castro rebound
      Blatche misses
      9:12 Youngblood drive 0-2 LEB leads
      8:56 Castro trey 3-2 PHI leads
      De Ocampo steal
      Arakji fouls Castro
      8:20 Castro layup drive 5-2 PHI leads
      Blatche called for travel
      7:42 Arakji spin move 5-4 PHI leads
      Castro misses trey
      Norwood misses trey
      7:06 Blatche trey 8-4 PHI leads
      Norwood misses trey
      Blatche silly reach-in foul
      Blatche rebound
      Blatche misses undergoal
      Castro forces Arakji turnover
      De Ocampo misses trey
      5:16 Haidar powermove misses FT Norwood foul 8-6 PHI leads
      5:01 Castro super drive 10-6 PHI leads
      4:40 Bawji trey 10-9 PHI leads
      4:19 Blatche fadeaway 12-9 PHI leads
      Castro steals
      Norwood misses dunk
      3:39 Castro layup 14-9 PHI leads
      Blatche misses trey
      2:59 Bawji drive 14-11 PHI leads
      2:43 Castro trey 17-11 PHI leads
      De Ocampo foul
      Ganuelas foul
      PHI penalty
      Romeo misses spin move
      1:24 Bawji teardrop 17-13 PHI leads
      Abueva misses fadeaway
      52.7secs Bawji powermove plus 1FT Abueva foul 17-16 PHI leads
      43.1secs Abueva trey 20-16 PHI leads
      Abueva steal
      Romeo misses layup
      PHI fullcourt trey goes in but not counted
      1QTR ENDS 20-16 PHI leads
      2nd QTR Starts
      Thoss turnover
      9:27 Bawji scores 20-18 PHI leads
      Thoss again loses ball but PHI possession
      Romeo misses trey
      9:00 Romeo baseline 22-18 PHI lead
      Romeo misses drive
      8:31 Romeo drive plus 1FT 25-18 PHI leads
      8:09 Pingris tip-in 27-18 PHI leads
      Abueva near steal but stepped outside
      Hontiveros rebound
      Abueva travelling
      Hontiveros fouls Saoud
      7:36 Saoud 2FTs 27-20 PHI leads
      Abueva misses midrange
      Thoss blocked
      6:54 Haidar scores 27-22 PHI leads
      6:39 Abueva tip-in 29-22 PHI leads
      Abueva 2nd foul
      6:27 Haidar misses FTs
      6:11 Blatche magic layup 31-22 PHI leads
      5:48 Haidar powermove 31-24
      Romeo misses trey
      Romeo steal
      Romeo misses layup
      Blatche rebound
      Castro misses trey
      4:44 Pingris foul
      4:11 Blatche eurostep off the glass 33-24 PHI leads
      Norwood misses trey
      3:19 Haidar spin move 33-26 PHI leads
      3:02 Blatche 2FTs 35-26 PHI leads
      2:45 Ganuelas foul
      2:29 Castro foul
      2:29 Arakji 1FT 35-27 PHI leads
      De Ocampo misses trey
      2:01 Youngblood fasbreak 35-29 PHI leads
      Blatche misses 2 shots
      1:42 Blatche powermove misses FT 37-29 PHI leads
      1:28 Haidar midrange 37-31 PHI leads
      Castro turnover
      57.9secs Haidar 1FT 37-32 PHI leads
      De Ocampo misses trey
      Youngblood shot stopped by Blatche
      2QTR ENDS 37-32 PHI leads
      3rd QTR Starts
      9:45 Haidar layup 37-34 PHI Leads
      Blatche fouled
      Castro foul
      Blatche rebound
      Blatche misses spin move
      Scrappy ballgame a lot of misses and fouls
      8:06 Hontiveros 3rd foul
      Abueva rebound
      Abueva misses
      Castro steal
      7:15 Castro steal
      7:13 Castro fastbreak layup 39-34 PHI
      Abueva rebound
      6:33 Blatche fadeaway 41-34 PHI leads
      6:21 De Ocampo 3rd foul
      Blatche rebound
      Castro fouled by Akl
      5:53 Castro trey 44-34 PHI leads
      Blatche rebound
      Castro misses trey
      Blatche forces LEB turnover
      4:43 Castro fadeaway 46-34 PHI leads
      Abueva foul
      PHI penalty
      4:15 Saoud 2FTs 46-36 PHI leads
      4:04 Norwood dunk off Blatche feed 48-36 PHI leads
      3:49 Saoud trey 48-39 PHI leads
      Blatche misses
      Blatche rebound
      Pingris misses
      Blatche shoulder injury gets back-up
      3:04 De Ocampo 1FT 49-39 PHI leads
      2:47 Akl powerhook 1FT Romeo foul 49-42 PHI leads
      Pingris turnover bad ref call
      2:16 Saoud drive 49-44 PHI leads
      1:52 Castro board trey 52-44 PHI leads
      1:28 Bawji tip-in 52-46 PHI leads
      1:12 Thoss misses point blank
      Pingris bad reach-in foul
      1:10 Abdelnour 1FT 52-47 PHI leads
      58secs Romeo trey 55-47 PHI leads
      40.1secs Youngblood one hander 55-49
      24secs De Ocampo one hander 57-49 PHI leads
      Romeo misses long clutch trey
      3QTR ENDS 57-49 PHI leads
      4th QTR Starts
      Romeo misses trey
      De Ocampo misses drive
      Blatche tip-in misses but fouled
      9:37 Blatche 1FT 58-49 PHI leads
      9:25 Bawji trey 58-52 PHI leads
      9:00 Norwood trey 61-52 PHI leads
      Romeo fouled hard but no advantage foul called
      Hontiveros misses trey
      De Ocampo rebound
      Blatche misses
      Blatche 2nd foul
      7:28 Haidar scores 61-54
      Romeo turnover
      Blatche rejects Haidar
      6:53 Youngblood trey 61-57
      De Ocampo misses trey
      Castro steal
      Castro drives but fouled
      6:02 Blatche 2FTs 63-57 PHI leads
      5:47 Arakji drive 63-59 PHI
      5:21 Blatche 2FTs 65-59 PHI leads
      4:45 Blatche drive 67-59 PHI leads
      Norwood steal
      4:09 Romeo fadeaway shake and bake 69-59 PHI leads
      3:49 Arakji trey 69-62 PHI leads
      Romeo misses trey
      2:53 Pingris tip-in 71-62 PHI leads
      Romeo blocked by Haidar
      2:17 Castro trey 74-62 PHI leads
      1:51 Haidar trey 74-65 PHI leads
      1:30 Pingris one hander 76-65 PHI leads
      1:23 Youngblood scores 1FT 76-68 PHI leads
      Abueva misses
      1:11 Pingris powermove 78-68
      Haidar misses trey
      43secs Blatche eurostep 80-68 PHI leads
      Castro 3rd foul
      Abueva rebound
      28.6secs Abueva fastbreak 82-68 PHI leads
      17.3secs Haidar scores
      4QTR ENDS 82-70 PHI Wins
    written by Rock Punzalan
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    FIBA Asia 2015: Semis bound Gilas Pilipinas bumps Lebanon, 82-70